The Offer

How do we reduce the amount we consume, whilst simultaneously get the kit we want, when we want it, at a significant discount?

This is how:  Make kit available to more people for more of the time,

Pay £19.99 per month Membership

For that you get:

  • Access to all the kit that the other Greenest Members make available (for one person).
  • If the kit you need isn’t available you can buy it for 35% less than the RRP and get to use it whilst it’s new


  • Once you’ve used it, it goes into the “pool” of kit available for other members to use.  Of course, you can still use it when you need to

The revenue is used to insure the kit that goes out for accidental damage or theft and pay for administrating everything.  We’ll also add popular kit into the pool ourselves for Members to share.

Shipping is paid for by Members.  Expect between £5 and £20 + VAT per shipment.