£19.99 / month


Access everything that someone would need to enjoy their outdoor hobby for just £19.99 per month!

Every sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tent, tarp, hammock, bicycle and bikepacking bag that are present in the “pool of kit” are available for you to use.

If it’s not yet available, Members can make add it to the pool of kit available by buying it with a huge 35% off the RRP.  They then get exclusive access to it for some time if they want, so that they can enjoy it whilst it’s brand new.

We take care of all the insurance and any repairs that might be needed from time to time.

We’re doing this so that we can all be more responsible consumers: all the energy and resources that go into making something mean that it’s an utter waste for it to sit in a box for most of the time.  Let’s work together to buy less stuff and make better use of the stuff that we do have.

Members can even contribute their own gear into the “pool of gear available” and receive a 25% discount on their membership fee.

If you Go Membership, with this item you could get ... (we’re only saying!)