3 Season Tents




Tunnel Tent, Dome tent


1 person, 2 person, 3 person

Where tent to be carried

On bicycle, Rucksack, Other

Duration of trip

1-2 Days, 3-7 Days, >7 days

Type of trip

Bicycle based racing, Bicycle based holiday, Fell racing, Hiking on Foot, Other

3 Season Tents

Select the number of occupants and the activity, and we’ll select the best tent for your purposes.

We ask for the information we do for the following reasons:

Tunnel tents tend to offer more living space for storing gear and seeing out long hours in poor conditions when the weather keeps you stuck at base.  However, they take up more space on the ground (bigger footprint) when you pitch them and can take up more space in your kit bag.  If 3 or more of you are going up mountains, or find yourself in woods, then finding enough flat and clear space to pitch a tunnel tent can prove to be a challenge compared to a dome tent.

We ask about how you’re carrying your tent because some tent poles do not fold up particularly small, making them awkward to carry on a bikepacking trip.

We ask about duration because some tents are more durable for set up and set down several times on a trip compared to others.

Type of trip will indicate whether something ultralight would best suit or whether something more robust but lightweight would suffice.


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