How It Works

Members are a group of like-minded individuals who want to work together to keep enjoying their chosen hobby whilst simultaneously reducing their level of consumption.

Membership Gives:

  • There is a “pool” of kit, equipment and items available to Members
  • Members can add to the “pool” available by either buying it outright, or combining with other Members to buy it together
  • Anything added to the “pool” can be purchased by Members with a 35% discount
  • Whomever adds to the “pool” can use the item whilst it’s new first for a period of time (if Members work together to buy the kit, they can agree between them who uses it first.)
  • Members can add any kit they already own to the “pool” at any time
  • Members can use any “pool” equipment they need and that is available at any time

Members Responsibilities:

  • Treat the equipment as if you are safe-keeping it for the next user.  Consider how you would like it to come to you.
  • E.G. Always use a liner in a sleeping bag.
  • Be prompt if you’re sending kit on to the next person, or back to us, so that the next person can enjoy their trip with the kit they need
  • Don’t feel or behave in an entitled manner, but rather part of a team of people trying to reduce their impact on the environment by sharing more

Our Responsibilities:

  • Monitor feedback between Members to ensure that everyone is being reasonable in their behaviour and treatment of the kit
  • Create and manage the logistics system to make sure Members have kit available on time
  • Administer everything to make sure Members can find what they need easily
  • Work to minimise Member’s risk with appropriate insurances etc
  • Continuously create supplier agreements to make more products available for us all to share
  • Ensure that Members can access the best quality and highest rated products
  • Work to reduce consumption and our impact on the environment