About Us

Why we’re doing this:

Our enjoyment of nature should correlate with protecting it.  Outdoor hobbies allow us to connect with nature, improve our mental health, and realise what is important in life.

Unfortunately, the kit we use to do this is not necessarily “friendly” to nature: there’s a lot of plastic and chemicals used, oil processed, ducks and geese plucked, and none of it is recyclable.

Most of the time the kit sits in a bag or cupboard, unused, until our next adventure.

It costs a small fortune for us to buy this kit in the first place, it all seems like a phenomenal amount of waste is occurring, in terms of both money and resources.

We live in a world that is waking up to the fact that our activities and craving for consumerism are destroying our planet and wild places, so it’s time we should do something about it.

Our leaders are not leading, there’s all sorts of conflicting information and fragmented pressure groups; so it seems to me that it’s down to us, Joe Public, to step up and see if there is a better way we can do things.

If we’re willing to work together to make kit cheaper and more accessible whilst simultaneously reducing consumerism and our environmental footprint, then that is something that should be pursued.

See how we do it here.